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Whether you travel alone (or with family or friends), in a small group or in a larger tour operation, a Licensed Tour Guide is always your best friend at the destination. As specifically trained and well-informed locals, this platform’s professional tour guides are fully qualified to help you get acquainted with your home away from home and help you explore, understand, learn and enjoy to the full.

Our trademark is to provide a different look at our own country, while running away from standardized speeches and clichés. Indeed, our work with those who tour with us is based on our qualification, our permanent studies and research, and our experienced ability to communicate with nearness, in an easy-to-understand way.

Discover Portugal in a unique, personal way and learn about our History, Culture, Monuments, Art, People and their traditions and way of living, as only a qualified local can show you. We are Portuguese.

Come with us on an itinerary of yours or one of the discoveries we recommend on this website and fall in love with Portugal!

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(*) In addition to being Licensed Tourist Guides (in Portugal), we also have many years of experience of and offer our services as: Tour Managers (Portugal, Spain, France, Morocco and other countries…), Cruise Managers (Portugal and France rivers), Lecturers/Presenters (of multiple and varied themes, in the flesh or webinar), Local Hosts, Tour Designers, Product Developers, Travel Photographers & Writers.

Covid-19 – We comply with the Health Measures as established by the Portuguese Government, through the Health Authority, and we are certified by Turismo de Portugal (the National Tourism Authority), accordingly.



Very early in our lives, we decided to do what we are doing today. So, we’ve gone through many years of studies to get a degree in Tourism & Tour Guiding. A choice with Passion. The same we put in everything we do.

And, over time, we have further deepened our knowledge in different matters by participating in courses, workshops and study tours, and we have carried out our own research and studies.

Today, our expertise is comprehensive. We are as comfortable and happy to share with you our knowledge about History, Culture, Architecture, Art (in general or specific), Lifestyles and Handicrafts, as we are about Economics, Gastronomy & Traditional Cuisine, Wine & Wine Production, Popular Traditions, Day-by-day Life… Likewise, we have been helping many visitors discover and learn about our UNESCO’s Cultural Heritage sites, and we have many!

It is exactly all this lifetime investment in Knowledge and the acquired Experience, Sensitivity and Care that we are proud to put at your disposal. We are Qualified professionals sharing the love for our country and looking forward to providing you with the best possible experience in Portugal. Whatever you are looking for, whatever you are interested in, whatever you want to discover in Portugal, we are here for you. In the language you speak.

And – no less important – we love people!

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